How to use the new editor based REST client in IntelliJ

A brand new feature has been introduced with IntelliJ 2017.3, the editor based REST client. This editor allows you to define and execute HTTP requests. You can save them in a file and reuse them whenever you want to test the back-end of your application. I think this is pretty cool from a productivity point… Continue reading

Create Spring Boot Applications using Kotlin in 10 Minutes

Kotlin has been around for a couple of years now. Recently it has become the default language for writing Android applications. So, I think it makes sense to see whether we can use Kotlin to write Spring-enabled applications. In this post, I will guide you in creating a standard Spring Boot application using this exciting… Continue reading

Book Review: Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin

The primary focus of architecture is to to support the life cycle of the system. Good architecture makes the system easy to understand, develop, maintain and deploy. The ultimate goal is to minimize cost and maximise developer productivity. – Robert C. Martin Who should read this book? Software architects and developers are the ones who… Continue reading

Fix Truncation of @PathVariable After Dot in Spring MVC

The Problem Recently, while working on a project I encountered a strange behavior with the path variable binding in Spring controllers. It seems that, by default, the text after the last dot gets truncated in the @PathVariable value. So I decided to share this problem and a solution for it in this post:) Let’s take… Continue reading

Spring Conditional Bean Configuration: Load Beans Based on Custom Conditions

In a previous post, I made a small demo on how to load Java beans based on properties defined in a configuration file. While this is a very common scenario, sometimes you might need to create beans based on completely custom conditions. Once again, Spring provides an elegant solution for this: the @Conditional annotation. The… Continue reading

Spring Conditional Bean Configuration: Load Beans Based on Application Properties File

In complex applications, there are times when you will want the Spring dependency injector to create an instance of a class based on a given condition. One common case is to configure the bean definition based on a property defined in the file. By using this approach you can load custom beans at runtime… Continue reading