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How to use the new editor based REST client in IntelliJ

A brand new feature has been introduced with IntelliJ 2017.3, the editor based REST client. This editor allows you to define and execute HTTP requests. You can save them in a file and reuse them whenever you want to test the back-end of your application. I think this is pretty cool from a productivity point… Continue reading

How to Use Spring Boot Live Reload with IntelliJ

Every developer out there wants to be as productive as possible. However, sometimes there are things that stand in our way. The Problem Imagine a normal Spring Boot web application. Each time we make a change to a template view or to a Java class, we need to restart our application in order to preview the… Continue reading

Write Small C# Applications Online using .NET Fiddle

I think every web developer out there knows JSfiddle. It’s a web page where we can write small snippets of JavaScript code by using our browser as the IDE. But, did you know that you can also write .NET programs online? Yes, you read correctly. Using .NET Fiddle you can actually write and execute small C# programs… Continue reading

Fix complicated bugs by eliminating complicated solutions

A couple of weeks ago, me and a colleague were trying to fix a very nasty bug that was hard to reproduce in our office environment. At the beginning, we started slow, with the more obvious assumptions. Once they all failed, frustration started to kick in and our ideas became more and more complicated. We were… Continue reading