How to create Spring Boot applications using MongoDB

I’m very excited to publish a new Spring Boot video on YouTube 🙂 I am a big fan of MongoDB. I had the chance to use it in a couple of projects and it really helped me to implement the use cases that required a non-relational database.  As it turns out, the integration between SpringBoot and MongoDB is pretty straightforward. If you are familiar with the classic JPA repositories, then the learning curve is rather small.

I tried to keep things very practical and easy to grasp. During the course of this tutorial, you will start from scratch and you will discover how to create Spring Boot applications using MongoDB. You will learn:
– how to configure your Spring Boot application to use MongoDB
– how to perform the basic CRUD operations on a MongoDB database
– how to filter your collections using standard repositories and advanced Query DSL constructs. I believe that this is the most challenging part of working with MongoDB.

You can also find the source code for this tutorial on GitHub 😉