My first speaking experience at Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

My first speaking experience at Voxxed Days Bucharest 2019

March has finally arrived and all developers know that this means only one thing: 3 cool days at Voxxed Days Bucharest. For me, this was a special moment because I had my first speaking experience here. I got the chance to host the “Spring Boot + MongoDB = ❤️” hands on lab 😀

About the event

Things I enjoyed at the event:

  • Lots of cool sessions. I particularly liked :
    • DevOps: a roller-coaster to success – How to deliver great products faster by Cecilia Fernandez de Cordoba
    • Mixed Paradigms: The Method to Madness by Dr. Venkat Subramaniam 
    • Drinking from the Stream: How to Use Messaging Platforms for Scalability & Performance by Mark Heckler
    • Unit Testing like a Pro – The Circle of Purity by Victor Rentea
    • Micro Frontends – a strive for fully verticalized systems by David Leitner
  • The atmosphere was vibrant, friendly and made you want to learn stuff
  • The organization of the event was great. Kudos for Andra Ghibutiu & Alex Proca
  • The food 🥩

Things that need a little bit of improvement:

  • The location felt crowded, on both days. If you wanted to catch a seat at some conferences, you had to make a run for it and make it there first

About my speaking experience

Like I said, this was my first speaking experience. I was excited and frightened at the same time, but I guess this is normal. I was very surprised that the conference room was full, especially since I was a newbie there. The participants were involved and curious and this made me really happy. The beginning of the session did not start so well, due to some issues with the display cables. I had no idea that this sort of “surprises” can tip your presentation off. For the first 15 minutes I just stared at a flickering screen thinking that my lab was ruined. However, the IT guys & organizers were prompt and helped me solve the problem. After that, things went smooth as butter. I did not notice how 2 hours passed by and at the end I realized how much I enjoyed the experience. I definitely want to do it again 😀

On my next speaking event, I will try to do better. There are a couple of tricks that I learned:

  • When live-coding, a light theme is way better than the dark one. The code is more readable on the projector.
  • Check the display/sound way in advance to make sure things start smooth