The State of JavaScript in 2016

All web developers know that the JavaScript ecosystem is constantly changing and that sometimes we have a hard time choosing the right framework for our needs. I think most developers have a love-hate relationship with the JavaScript world. This feeling is caused by the explosion of options that are available and by the mixed opinions in the developer community.

The State of JavaScript in 2016

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A little bit of clarity would make our lives a lot easier. This is why I love the survey launched by Sacha Greif. It is called “The State of JavaScript” and aims to help programmers make better sense of the current ecosystem. Needless to say that this project was a success. More than 9000 developers participated in this survey. Knowing which frameworks are popular or which frameworks have the highest user satisfaction rating can help us a lot when deciding which technology to adopt for our projects. However, the survey covers a lot of topics. JavaScript Flavors, Full-Stack Frameworks, Testing Frameworks, Build Tools and Mobile Frameworks are the most interesting in my opinion.

Here are some of the things that I found useful and that I ‘ll take into consideration when I’ll work on my next web project:

  • There is a lot of interest for ES6. It seems that a lot of developers are eager to adopt it
  • CoffeScript is becoming less and less attractive for developers
  • React is becoming very popular and has the highest satisfaction rating among the front-end frameworks
  • When it comes to testing, developers still feel that there is room for improvement. That being said, Mocha and Jasmine are the uncontested client side testing frameworks
  • It appears that Gulp has a bright future ahead, while Grunt  is starting to have lower interest rates

If you want to make more sense of the JavaScript universe, then I encourage you to check out this survey. It’s well-made, easy to understand and very useful.